About Us

Who We Are

African Youth for Peace Development and Empowerment Foundation, (AFRYDEV) is a youth and women led nongovernmental, humanitarian and development organization established in 2013 with the mission to serve as a platform for enlightenment and empowerment of youth society for peace and development through active participation by mainstreaming their issues and concerns into national development agenda based on United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. The organization is formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2016 with registration Number: CAC/ITNO: 90661 the Social Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML) with registration Number: SC361400014 in 2017 and has obtain DUNS Registration Number: 561295729 as well as PADOR.


We aspire to be Africa's leading youth and women organization in civic engagement, peacebuilding, and socio-economic development.

Our mission

To serve as a platform for youth and women empowerment in the Lake Chad Region, with a focus on civic engagement, peacebuilding, and socioeconomic development by mainstreaming their issues and concerns into national development agenda based on United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Values

The values that define us as people and influence our work are


We are a committed group of people working for a cause and providing service to humanity; our dedication will not be questioned at any time, and we strive to lead by example with no room for excuses.


Fairness and impartiality are our guiding principles in all our engagements; they motivate us to demand access to justice for victims and in pursuits that facilitates holding perpetrators accountable.


Thinking outside the box defines how we approach issues. We continually make improvements our work processes; learning and adapting. Our team members think critically and always present novel solutions that create greater impact.

Result Orientated

We believe in science, that every action we take should be questioned as to why we are doing it, and that work should be measured by the results achieved rather than the effort put in.


We believe in and strive for a high level of accountability, transparency, and stewardship in keeping accurate records, and we are always willing to explain our actions in an accurate, timely, and succinct manner.

Our approach to facilitating and empowering women and youths to participate in civic engagement, peacebuilding, and positive social mobility in the interests of our target audience is based on empirical research, stakeholder mapping, capacity building and facilitating dialogue, peacebuilding initiatives, community engagement, sensitization, and advocacy, and, most importantly for us, through community engagement, sensitization, and advocacy.


AFRYDEV hopes to consolidate and expand its work in meaningful ways that enables it to achieve the following stretch goals:

Strategic Areas Of Work

Core Competencies

Capacity Building, Leadership Development, Resource mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy, Financial Management, Programme Development and Management, Partnership development and Coordination.

To fulfill our mission, we have delineated our program activities into three sub –thematic areas namely:

Civic Engagement

Our goal in this area is to increase youth and women participation in civic engagement that fosters humane and safe societies. To do so, we will collaborate with communities, state, and non-state actors on civic-related initiatives across the following focus issues;


AFRYDEV focus on the following issues/program areas as part of our vision of change that drives and promotes safe societies where women, youths, and conflict-affected communities are empowered to reduce crime, prevent recruitment and radicalization of women and youths, including their participation in violence extremist activities, sexual and gender-based violence, while promoting human rights and peacebuilding.

Social Economic Development

Lifting the youth and women population in the Lake Chad region, as well as conflict-affected communities, out of poverty and influencing positive social mobility, remains our top priority, and our attention will be focused on the following issues within this thematic program.

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